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01584 874353

Order your new domain

You can order your new domain name(s) or renew an existing one either by phone or email. It's usually a quick and painless process, and we'll check the availability of your chosen name when you contact us.

To order by phone, please phone us on 01584 874353. We can help and guide you through the various options, and then ask you for all the necessary information. We can take card payment over the phone or else you can pay us online via our webnsite or by using your bank's internet banking facility. You can even send us a cheque! It may be necessary for you to sign an application form - if this is the case we will make all the necessary arrangements with you.

To order by email, please list the domain names that you require (and for how many years - two is usual, but you can register most domain names for up to 10 years) , and give us your full name and contact details. We'll check the availability, and get back to you to confirm the details. Again you can pay using any of the usual methods. Click here to send us an email.

We are also developing an new online ordering system for domain names, but it's not quite ready yet!

Please note: we cannot register domain names before we receive your payment, and once the domain is successfully registered, it cannot be cancelled until its expiry date, and no refund can be given. Please check all spellings etc carefully!

Our full terms and conditions for domain name registration are here, and you will also be subject to the rules and conditions of the registration authority, such as Nominet or ICANN.

You can check our domain name registration prices here.

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