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Domains - frequently asked questions

How can I check that the domain name I want is available to register? +

You can either phone us on 01584 874353 or send us an email listing the domain names that you want us to check.

How long will it take for my new domain name to become active? +

All domain name orders and renewals must be paid for in advance. Domain cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded after you have placed the order. The only exception to this is if the name is unavailable. Domains are normally registered within one working hour if ordered during office hours. All orders for domain names are checked by a member of our staff before being passed to the registrar. If you order overnight or at the weekend, we will normally register the domain within an hour of the office reopening. After registration, it can take between 24 and 72 hours for a domain name to become visible on the Internet as each domain name server throughout the world updates its database of domain names.

Can I buy a domain name, but not buy web hosting? +

Yes, you do not have to buy the web hosting when you buy a domain name. You can just "park" it; alternatively you can point it to a different domain that is already hosted. So, for example, you could arrange it so that users who go to are automatically forwarded to If you decide to add web hosting in the future you can easily upgrade with one of our hosting packages.

Do I own the domain name? +

Yes - unlike some companies we always register the domain in your name or in your customer's name if you are working on someone's behalf.

Can I buy domain privacy? +

Yes - for just £6 a year (plus VAT) you can, please for further information. However, for .uk domains this feature is available only to non-trading private individuals, not businesses or other organisations.

I registered a domain name with another company. Can I transfer this to you? +

Yes, you can. There is no charge for transferring .uk domain names to us. With other kinds of domain name, such as .com, .info etc, there is a £5 charge (+ VAT), BUT you get an additional year's registration free (so effectively there is no extra charge). Please contact us direct if you want to transfer a domain, and we will advise you about the process, which differs depending on the type of domain.

Can I transfer the domain to another provider at any time? +

Yes, you can, and we provide a control panel so that you can make these changes yourself at any time and that's all included in the price.

Who or what is Nominet? +

Nominet is the official registry for UK domain names. Visit their website.

Do I get a certificate of ownership for the domain I purchase? +

In the past Nominet issued certificates as confirmation of the contract that exists between Nominet and the registrant, but this system was discontinued in 2003. Paper certificates and reply forms have now been replaced by an online system. You can check the registration details of your domain by using the WHOIS function on the Nominet website (for .uk names) or here (for other types of domain name).

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