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Maintaining your website

We offer a choice: you can pay for changes to your website as and when required, or else we have maintenance packages that can be paid for quarterly or annually in advance.

Alterations can include additional or revised wording, price changes, new photos etc. This work will have to be done by us unless either the website was constructed in the first place with a content management system (CMS) (which would enable you to make your own changes to the content - but not the layout or design), or you have the necessary knowledge and software to do this yourself. However, we can often add a content management system to an existing website.

Although it is not usually possible for us to make alterations to websites that have been constructed by someone other than us, we can often either superimpose a CMS or else 'clone' the old website into our software framework.

Pricing: Alterations and amendments are charged on a time basis at our standard hourly rate, with a minimum charge of £10. Timing starts from the point at which we have received (and understood) your copy and instructions, which should preferably be sent to us by email. We will normally be able to quote a firm price before proceeding with the work, but any subsequent changes to your instructions or copy may well affect the final price charged. Payment must be made at the time of ordering unless you have an account with us.

Note: We do not accept responsibility for mistakes or misunderstandings arising from telephoned instructions, so it is in your own interest to send us an email clearly detailing the alterations that you want making. We are happy to give brief general advice over the phone, free of charge within reason.

Scheduled maintenance contracts

We offer various options, or else we are happy to construct a bespoke solution for you. Please get in touch for further information about our maintenance packages.

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